The sacred potentiality of Healing Crystals: a beginner’s guide to natural stones The sacred potentiality of Healing Crystals: a beginner’s guide to natural stones

The sacred potentiality of Healing Crystals: a beginner’s guide to natural stones

Crystals are quite trending nowadays, but there is a reason for that. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they can also project healing energy. If you’ve ever held a natural stone, you know it can have an instant soothing effect. See how to get started with your own crystal collection without breaking the bank.

Crystals have been part of rituals, medicine and divination practices for thousands of years. These naturally occurring rock formations have always been valued for their transparency, texture, shape and the energy they can store.

Apart from the ceremonial value crystals still hold –such as diamonds for engagement rings–, till this day they are part of lots of objects we use daily: all our electronic gadgets, beauty products and tools.

The theory behind crystal healing states that the power of crystals comes from their composition and the minerals vibrate at their own frequency. The fundamental premise of spells is that we can use these frequencies to direct the energy to a source. When we infuse a crystal with energy we create a bond with it and they can transform.

Selection of crystals

Any crystal can be activated and you can surely rely on your intuition to do so. In fact, it is said that you don’t choose a stone, a stone chooses you –if you are planning to get it in a brick-and-mortar shop, run your hands over the crystals and let your intuition make the choice. But if you are going to get it online, you can investigate a bit about stones beforehand because there are minerals that have been associated with different purposes. Here are some of the most common stones:

Clear quartz

The “master healer” is a powerful and versatile stone that absorbs frequencies and magnifies intentions, it can help you heal and increase positive vibrations.

The “master healer.”


This purple stone is a natural protector and it is very useful to provide some pain relief –physical or emotional. It is also said to help provide insomnia relief and lo relieve stress.

Rose quartz

It can be used to welcome love or to help with relationship issues. In times of grief, it can provide calm and comfort.

Rose quartz is the love stone and can be cleansed with Palo Santo.


Has a yellowish or gold color –and for this reason, it is said to mirror the sun’s luminosity. Its energy is full of optimism, creativity and prosperity. You can infuse it with sunlight to boost your intentions.

You can infuse citrine with sunlight to boost your intentions.

Black tourmaline

The number one protector of the stones works as a shield against negative energy and emits positive vibrations.

Once you’ve selected your crystal, it is paramount to reset and reprogram it.

How to get started

Now that you have your crystal, you can program your crystal to serve a variety of purposes: to promote love, a prosperous life, wellbeing, and wisdom. To be able to do so you need to reset its vibrations. There are several ways to cleanse your stone before programing it.

Step 1: Cleansing

There are several ways to reset a crystal, but these are my favorite:

You will notice it shines more after the cleansing.

You can burn Palo Santo or sage to cleanse the crystals.

Step 2: Programming

Your crystal is ready to be programmed, now hold it in your hand and with your eyes closed say your intention several times, visualize your objective and let the crystal absorb your energy.

Step 3: Decide its location

Whether you want to carry it with you, in your pocket or purse, or you prefer to leave it at home. It will do, trust your intuition. I like to have my crystal close to me so I can touch it whenever I feel like I have to –it gives me a sense of instant relief.

Always remember to keep an open mind about alternative healing therapies –there’s nothing wrong with giving crystals a try. I bet you will be surprised!

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