Taurus: What do stars have in store for you in 2021?

Taurus: What do stars have in store for you in 2021?

 2021 marks the beginning of what astrology refers to as “The Aquarian Decade.” See how this era affects Taurus!



(April 20 – May 20)

You are used to changing, but this year you’ll achieve a few concrete goals you’ve been yearning for. Be prepared to succeed Taurus, Jupiter and Saturn are at the top of your chart –you have to start planning and make a big effort because what you set in motion in 2020 can produce long-lasting results. Don’t give up and keep on experimenting.


Love life

Taurus, you could manifest a partner with a very similar vision to yours this year. You are a magnet for successful people, so if you are single expect that to change. Unless you already have your boo, then don’t chicken out! Go for that large-scale project together that can help you to bond –but leave some space for your own goals as well.

Professional life


Jupiter and Saturn in your tenth house of career expect money to move big time Taurus. You’ll be reaping what you sow if you’ve been working hard. This year is the time to cash in on your work. If you’ve just started climbing the career ladder, well you can start by volunteering –you need the training.

Don’t let your negative thoughts limit yourself and ruin how powerful and brilliant you are.

Annie Nowak

Annie’s love for the stars started at high school and she spent most of her teens reading everything she could find about the mysteries they hide. She is now an experienced Astrologer and Astro Consultant working with numerous publications worldwide. + info

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