Scorpio: What do stars have in store for you in 2021?

Scorpio: What do stars have in store for you in 2021?

2021 marks the beginning of what astrology refers to as “The Aquarian Decade.” See how this era affects Scorpio!



(October 23 – November 21)

Last year was hectic and your break has finally arrived. Congratulations you’ve made it through 2020! Now 2021 is a good year to settle down, bond with your loved ones and heal old wounds. If you are not happy where you are living, you can invest in a new house or relocate. Go for your emotional and financial security


Love life

Even when things are going in the right direction, you sometimes find yourself in the middle of the storm and you might behave unhealthily. It is your defense mechanism –you can’t help it, you are too afraid of abandonment. Your partner means the world to you, don’t ruin your relationship because you don’t trust them, you’ll only be sabotaging yourself.

Professional life


You might be invited to participate in an investment. If you already own a business you could raise funds for a venture –tip: it could be related to technology or have a socially responsible element. Your mentors will be powerful women or you can get close to a company that supports families, children and women. You might even leap into the fame zone because Jupiter steps in! Who knows? You might as well become an influencer or a YouTuber.

Annie Nowak

Annie’s love for the stars started at high school and she spent most of her teens reading everything she could find about the mysteries they hide. She is now an experienced Astrologer and Astro Consultant working with numerous publications worldwide. + info

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