Sagittarius explained: Whether you want to get to know yourself better or you are related to a Sagittarius, here’s all to find out what makes Sagittarius so special

Sagittarius explained: for those who want to get to know them better

Want to know why Sagittarius is so sophisticated? See the main characteristics of the sign, its compatibility and main interests!

Facts about Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is represented by Chiron a Centaur –half-human half-horse creatures–, and like him, Sagittarius individuals are loyal, sophisticated, independent and kind. One of their strongest traits is, like Chiron, their independence because they found it hard to fit among the Gods and the Centaurs. Sagittarius makes good teachers, entrepreneurs and marketers.


Honest and optimistic

They are not afraid to speak their mind and if you ask them their opinion, you are going to get it –mind you, they might be a bit tactless. they trust and believe and will not engage in negativity.

Sagittarius is optimistic and honest.


They are always full of questions; as natural hunters, they are on the lookout for new information. They are smart and love storing information.

Sagittarius loves to store information and ask questions.


Sagittarius in love

They love flirting and they are one of the friendliest, energetic and open signs of the zodiac. Sagittarius gets along with the other fire signs –they share the love for adventure, passion and competition.

Best matches

Worst matches

A little advice for Sagittarius

Predictable people are not weak or silly! –they can provide some calmness for your adventurous wandering soul. Be careful with your honesty, you might hurt people’s feelings –you know how to be compassionate, so remember that when you are asked an opinion.

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