Pisces style: Can you enhance your life if you dress according to your zodiac sign? Let’s find out!

Pisces style: Can you enhance your life if you dress according to your zodiac sign? Let’s find out!

We’ve all had those days in which we try on 15 different outfits and they just don’t feel right. But what if I told you I could give you some tips to be more comfortable in your own skin? Wearing clothes that can match your personality according to your zodiac sign, might even simplify your morning routine. See what could happen if you did so!

Even if you are skeptical about astrology, you can’t possibly tell me that you have found yourself reading your personality traits or your predictions for the year and you haven’t felt identified with some of what you’ve read. If humans have been mapping patterns in the sky for thousands of years looking for some guidance, some of it is bound to be true. Stars have been consulted for political advice, for agricultural reasons and have acted as a compass for mariners. And although there is no empirical evidence to verify all these observations, this does not mean that it has no value: because humans’ reasoning is based on belief. 

Our style depends largely on our personality type and I believe that our zodiac sign does actually influence a lot our lives. Thus, there is a lot to learn and –have fun with– from our zodiac signs. This time I won’t be telling you what your perfect zodiac match is or the best career path for you –I will actually be giving you some advice on how to dress to impress and to feel comfortable.


Pisces, you are the intuitive, emotional artist of the zodiac. You are sensitive and dreamy and you crave personal understanding. So naturally, your wardrobe is feminine, romantic, bohemian and dream-like, just like you. You like looking at the bright side of things so your outfit has lots of vibrant colors.


Now that you know how to dress to impress Pisces, you could work on building a capsule closet!

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Annie Nowak

Annie’s love for the stars started at high school and she spent most of her teens reading everything she could find about the mysteries they hide. She is now an experienced Astrologer and Astro Consultant working with numerous publications worldwide. + info

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