Pisces explained: Whether you want to get to know yourself better or you are related to a Pisces, here are all to find out what makes Pisces special

Pisces explained: all you need to find out about what makes Pisces special

Want to know why Pisces is so mutable? See the main characteristics of the sign, its compatibility and main interests!

Facts about Pisces.

Pisces are friendly and have a lot of people around. They are usually selfless and like to help other people without getting anything in return. They are characterized by empathy and as their ruling planet is Neptune, they are more intuitive and have a native artistic talent. Known for their wisdom, they are willing to forget and they are never judgmental. They are one of the most tolerant of all zodiac signs.



They have a strong imagination and they love to day-dream –expect a Pisces to express their creativity in everyday life. They aren’t ruled by logic and are open to exploring several paths.

Pisces needs to express their emotions.


They are the perfect sign if you are in need of a shoulder to cry one. They are intuitive and incredibly empathetic, if they spot someone in distress they are bound to try to help –and might even cry their lungs out out of sympathy. But be careful, they are so in tune with their emotions that they can get a bit moody.


They always see the best in others and they can often get easily manipulated.


Pisces in love

Pisces needs a soul-mate –nothing less. They are quite unlikely to break up even if they are unhappy because they are too adaptable. When a Pisces falls in love, they do it fast and hard. They often want to make their relationship official early on and they always prefer serious relationships.

Best matches

Worst matches

Pisces and Gemini are not a good match. As Pisces individuals tend to be too sensitive and often get hurt by Gemini’s erratic nature –Gemini is bound to cancel a plan because they have found a more adventurous one and emotional Pisces simple wouldn’t be able to cope with it.

A little advice for Pisces

You can get easily swayed Pisces, don’t let people take advantage of you –you are a caring person that will do anything for your loved ones, but be careful. Don’t neglect your own needs in order to help others, ask yourself if it is in your best interest as well. Remember: You are important.

Make sure you use your creativity, you can manage problems in a way no other sign can –don’t let your skills be talked down, you are worth it!

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