How to listen to your intuition and make better decisions

Modern Witch: How to listen to your intuition and make better decisions

How many times have you regretted not doing what you felt was right? Once it has happened, it’s easy to fret about it, though it makes no sense. Here’s a practical guide as to how to listen to your intuition.

It may seem easy to say, but daily, it is quite difficult not to let other’s opinions wash away your gut feelings and completely forget to listen to your intuition. These are some techniques I’ve developed through trial and error –and I’ve made more mistakes than I’d like to admit.

How to listen to your intuition and make better decisions

1. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not right

How to listen to your intuition and make better decisions

Have you ever felt uneasy about visiting someone or having someone over at home? Well, if you experience feelings of rejection, and you’d prefer being alone rather than meeting them, it’s a sign. I’m sure you’ve fallen out after some time of trying to stay friends with people that made you felt that way. So, if this is recurrent, why not cut cords right away?

2. Listen to your body

Our body carries some kind of ancestral knowledge we are not aware of –I can’t prove it, but I’ve felt it. If your stomach aches, you feel sleepy, you are extremely anxious before making a decision –hold your horses! Take time to reflect upon the matter until you feel more comfortable with it –I promise, with a little patience, everything falls into place. There is no need to rush.

3. Meditate

Meditating will help you connect with your feelings.

Meditation can help you get in contact with your sensory experiences. Doing some breathwork, or meditating can allow you to clear your thoughts. Pay attention to your signs! I’m sure you’ve thought about someone you hadn’t seen for ages and then you bump into them, I refuse to think it’s a matter of fate, I think it has deeper roots.

4. Do something else

If you are facing a difficult decision and you can quite make up your mind, set yourself to doing something completely different. I love drawing and painting, for instance, and when I do so, I disconnect from the world and by the end of the session, my mind will have probably decluttered.  

These tips certainly are the ones that work for me, but I truly recommend connecting with your feelings –that’s where the answer lays.

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