Magickal skincare: What would happen if you infused your beauty routine with a little bit of magick?

Magickal skincare: What would happen if you infused your beauty routine with a little bit of magick?

Apart from using products that benefit your skin because of its composition, you can infuse your skincare with a lot of magickal intention to make your glow from the inside and the outside.

Magick is the art of directing your energy to fulfill your intentions. Have you ever wondered why you light candles when you have a date or when you want to relax? Well, in fact, that intuitive behavior is nothing else than spellcasting. When we perform an action with the intention of creating an atmosphere, we are actually infusing the action with our magickal intentions, whether you know or not. This is why it is always important to do everything with positivity: If you are cooking, your food has to be made with love, if you are combing somebody else's hair, you have to do it from your heart, because you are transferring your energy at the same time. Now, have you ever heard of magickal skincare? Well if you haven’t, you can find are some ideas to start profiting from intentioned skincare routines.

The products

You can turn your regular skincare products into magickal products by infusing them with an intention, whatever feels right for you will work as a spell, sometimes just stating your intention aloud or writing your wish on the bottle will do.

You can also try adding essential oils and herbs to your regular products, for example, I like adding a few drops of rosehip oil to my regular face lotion for an extra glow!

Try adding some herbs or essential oils to your regular products.

Try incorporating as many natural DIY treatments as you can, use aloe vera, fruits and oils to make your own masks.

Magickal cleansing

You can wash your face with Moon water once or twice a month or whenever you feel like you need some energy. You don’t know what Moon water is? It is water that has been charged with all the energies from the moon, it is a refreshing and a cleansing tool for the body and home.

Moon water recipe

To make moon water put some water in a jar and place it somewhere where it is exposed to the light of the moon. It is typically done under the full moon and outdoors, but it can be done in any face of the moon and if you live in an apartment like me, put the jar in a window. I like to state my intention aloud like “Surround myself 

Moon water is a refreshing and a cleansing tool for the body and home.

with love, peace and prosperity” and I place some herbs and crystals on top of the jar. Of course, this is up to you.

How to apply your regular cleanser

First of all, whatever cleanser you use, apply in clockwise circles to open yourself to positivity. I recommend using coconut oil to remove makeup: liquefy the coconut oil –in your hands is enough–, place the oil in your eyes and face and massage in circles until your makeup has melted away, use a washable makeup remover pad and wipe the makeup gently, then wash with warm water.

I recommend using coconut oil to remove makeup

Other magickal skincare tips

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