Magickal bread and sweets: How to infuse meals with intentions and use your food as spells!

Magical bread and sweets: How to infuse meals with intentions and use your food as spells!

Did you know you can actually turn al your recipes into a spell? Well, food already carries properties given by mother nature, here are some properties of breads and sweets!

Just like crystals and plants, food has different magickal properties. You probably didn’t know that your food sitting in your pantry or fridge can actually be used to infuse some intentions to your meals –just as if they were magick potions! Food is already magick as it comes directly from Mother Earth and they carry its love and nourishment.

If you want to know how to cook with magick, here’s a guide, but it is as easy as praying over your ingredients as you prepare your food and keeping in mind why you are adding each ingredient. Nevertheless, there is a list of magickal properties of bread and sweets!


Bagels create illusions.

A round-shaped bread with a hole ruled by Adonis, they are eaten to create illusions. Sesame bagel is used to promote prosperity, and a poppy bagel will increase intuitive dreams.


Chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac

Chocolate can be used in hot drinks, in cookies, bread, just about anything you like. Chocolate was important in the Aztecs and Mayans and was created to increase warriors’ power and virility. It is a natural aphrodisiac associated with love, and while dark chocolate is associated with romance and intimacy, milk chocolate is associated with nurturing and friendship


Pasta is ruled by Mercury.

Pasta is ruled by Mercury. If you go for a spiral pasta, it will enhance creativity, on the other hand, spaghetti will encourage protection and improving communications. Use corn pasta for financial creativity and rice pasta to encourage love.


Eat pizza for good luck!

Pizza is super versatile and you can infuse it with several other ingredients to create magick! It is a delicious, recreational food ruled by the Sun -use it when you need a lucky break.

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