Leo explained: Dramatic, creative, dominant, and more! Find all you need to know about these natural-born leaders!!

Leo explained: Find all you need to know about these natural-born leaders

Want to know why Leo is so difficult to resist? See the main characteristics of the sign, its compatibility and main interests!

Facts about Leo.

Like all fire signs, Leo is quite a show-off but bright and warm-hearted and well-known for being loyal and self-confident. There is something special about Leo that makes them be “the King/Queen of the jungle” and often make excellent leaders.

Leos love glamour and being the center of attention.


Lively and popular

They are the leading actors in the scene of their lives –they demand attention, command the audience, crack jokes, entertain and love to tell anecdotes. They expect, and usually get, standing ovations from the public. They are never dull and struggle to give the floor to someone else.

Leos are the Leaders of their pride.

Protective and natural-born leaders

They love giving advice, even if they are not asked to, and take leading roles whenever possible. As the leader of their pride, they are going to take care of and protect the whole crew –whether family, friends or coworkers. Lions hate bullies and predators and help those who are in vulnerable positions.


Leo in love

They are the biggest flirts and love to have a list of admirers and go after hard-to-get prays. They love to embark on adventures, taking risks and having fun.

Best matches

Leo loves to flirt.

Worst matches

A little advice for Leo

Leo, you have to let others shine too, I know you love being in the spotlight and you probably deserve it –your talents are many. Make an effort not to feel jealous or threatened by other people, there is enough light for everyone. Learn to celebrate the victories of your loved ones. Try being a little bit more flexible –with your commitments, expectations and standards– make some room for the unexpected to happen.

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