Gemini explained: Find out what makes Gemini such a special person to be around!

Gemini explained: Find out what makes Gemini such a special person to be around!

Want to know why Geminis are a magnet to people? See the main characteristics of the sign, its compatibility and main interests!

Facts about Gemini

Let's see what the stars have to say about you, dear Gemini. Well, first of all, Gemini is so interested in experiencing life that it has to double itself! But unfortunately, this may cause some problems because they are often wrongly misunderstood as being two-faced when, in fact, it is part of its intrinsic duality. Geminis often find themselves juggling hobbies, careers, social gatherings and all their passions as they are naturally curious.

Main characteristics

Smart and curious

Gemini is very versatile and knows a bit about everything due to their intrinsic curiosity, they rarely linger too much in one subject and tends to skim-read what they are into and they are off to the next interest. But boy, they are curious! They are the know-it-all of the zodiac. Geminis are creatures that are rarely sentimental and rely on their analytical and mental skills to solve any problem –feeling-related or any other.

Gemini is intelligent and curious.

Fast and youthful

They find it hard to settle down and tend to be childish at times. As their planet is Mercury, they think fast, move fast, talk fast and act fast. They change their mind quite easily and may sometimes seem erratic.



Being so curious, it’s only obvious that one of their favorite activities is getting to know other cultures –changing the scene keeps them alive.

Adventurous Gemini loves traveling and getting to know new cultures.

Reading and writing

As Mercury governs them –the messenger planet– they love communicating. They text and tweet and talk a lot, but to do so, they read a lot to be informed.

Geminis could make excellent writers and journalists.

Socializing and making friends

If there is something Gemini likes is making friends and going to parties. For these tweens contacting people means access to valuable information. They can, however, get easily overwhelmed by the requirements of having relationships.

Geminis are usually sociable and outspoken individuals!

Gemini usually dislikes being alone, confined or leading a repetitive or dull life. Their open mind makes them wonderful artists –journalists or writers in particular for their outstanding communicative skills.

Gemini in love

They are very adventurous lovers, passionate and fun. If you are the one dating a Gemini –be careful not to get heartbroken, they are quite indecisive. They have a greater overall compatibility with Sagittarius and Aquarius but when it comes down to love you should bear in mind the following:

Best romantic matches

Libra and Gemini could be a perfect match: they both like art and culture and are intelligent and extroverted people, so no doubt they are bound to have a good time!

Aries and Gemini could be quite exciting together because of their outgoingness and enthusiastic nature, get those two in the same place and let the sparkles begin.

Aries and Gemini could be quite exciting together.

Aquarius and Gemini make good friends and lovers as they enjoy communication and they both love surprises, so heads up for this couple!

Worst romantic matches

Pisces tends to be too sensitive and often gets hurt by Gemini’s erratic nature –Gemini is bound to cancel a plan because they have found a more adventurous one and emotional Pisces simple wouldn’t be able to cope with it. So Pisces, if you have your eye on a Gemini, run away while you can!

Scorpios are too introverted to be able to deal with Gemini’s outgoingness. They are perfect opposites, but these, unfortunately, don’t attract.

Virgos love precision and Geminis love flexibility, so they are very likely to get on each other’s nerves.

A little advice for Gemini

Take advantage of your flexibility and venture into the unknown and meet as many people as you can. Learn as many skills as you can, you are very clever –make use of your intelligence at work. Try to perfect your decision-making skills and make budgets to fight off your impulsiveness.

The bottom line is that no one will ever get bored with a Gemini. Inquisitive, flirty, fun and smart, they are the number one sign to be around and have a great time!

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