Energy cleansing: How to cleanse your space if you can’t smudge

Smudging is an ancestral practice to cleanse your home from negative vibes, but what happens if for some reason smudging is not an option? Here are some of my favorite alternatives to sage smoking

I love smudging, I immediately feel the stress from home lift and I like the peaceful atmosphere it creates. But for some, this is not an option. Some people have allergies or other respiratory illnesses that prevent them from burning sage at home. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of effective ways of cleansing your home.

Cleansing with white light

Negative energy is often in dark, still spaces, so make sure you open your windows and let the sunlight light your rooms. You can also use a white candle and let it burn in all your rooms –make sure you never leave it unattended, safety first!

Cleansing with white light

Cleansing with essential oils

Use a diffuser with essential oils like lemon, lavender or peppermint in all your rooms. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, dab some drops on your windows, doors and any other openings you have at home to cleanse your space.

Cleansing with essential oils

Magickal sweeping

Start sweeping at the front door and work your way counter-clockwise around your house. As you do so, imagine yourself sweeping the negativity out of your house –and sweep it right out your entrance door.

Salt lamps

They are quite popular as the house decoration, but they are also a powerful tool to cleanse energy. They offer purifying vibes and the light is soothing and calming.

Salt lamps provide a soothing atmosphere.

Protective sprays or potpourris

Another excellent way to protect your home and cleanse it is by preparing simmering potpourris: while you are preparing your magick potion it will fill your home with an amazing scent and then you can use the remains to spray it on your curtains, doors, windows and dark corners of your house. Here are three super easy recipes. 

You can also create your own rituals to cleanse your home, remember always to infuse your actions with intention –that is the key to any magickal practice.

Here are some tips for new witches!

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