Capricorn explained: Whether you are looking for some personal advice or you want to know your fellow Capricorn better

Capricorn explained: find here all there is to know about this very down to earth sign!

Want to know why Capricorns are so practical? See the main characteristics of the sign, its compatibility and main interests!

Facts about Capricorn.

Like all the Earth signs Capricorns are known for being practical, responsible, self-reliant and ambitious. They are traditional, serious and very responsible. They are the masters of self-control and can make solid and realistic plans. Capricorns make good managers as they are able to lead people who work for them. Not only do they focus on the material world, but they also have the ability to use it. One big obstacle for these goats is that they struggle to accept differences and tend to impose their conventional values in an aggressive way –but they do it out of fear.


Persistent and ambitious

Capricorns are determined individuals, they surely know how to show others what they are made of and are obsessed with status and success and work towards their goals until they achieve it –don’t expect them to ever give up.

Realistic and practical

They are very down-to-earth and grounded –but this trait sometimes leads them to be pessimistic and to focus on the negative side of things. They are smart and are interested in solving problems in the most practical ways.


Capricorn in love

They tend to be devoted but find it hard to show emotions. They may come as a bit reserved –or even stiff at times– but this doesn’t mean that they cannot find their ideal partner. They are loyal, strong and protective once you get to know them well, but it might take years to do so. Capricorn frequently behaves in personal relationships in a very practical way, as if having a partner were a job –i.e.: they think that if they work hard enough they can make the relationship work.

Best matches

Worst matches

Libra and Capricorn are a perfect example of opposites not always attracting. Workaholic Capricorn often clashes with Libra’s desire for all the best things in life without making that much effort.

A little advice for Capricorn

Make use of your hardworking skills and ambition and try to find a clear goal in terms of what you want to achieve in life –and go for it, forget about your pessimism. At times you tend to overwork yourself and you might leave little room for fun with all your pragmatism. Try taking up an activity that provides sheer relaxation or pleasure, like starting a hobby, trying meditation and breathing exercises to reduce stress.

Stop criticizing yourself and come up with a positive mantra to tell yourself when you are feeling pessimistic.

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