Cancer explained: See the main personality traits, interests and compatibility of Cancer with other signs!

Cancer explained: See the main personality traits, interests and compatibility of Cancer with other signs!

Want to know why Cancer is so enigmatic? See the main characteristics of the sign, its compatibility and main interests!

cancer characteristics

Cancer is deeply intuitive and sentimental and cares a lot about their family and those close to them. They are loyal and are guided by their emotion and heart and they find it hard to blend into the world around them. Their defensive mechanisms are weak and have to be approached with care and understanding. They like to help others but are quick to escape from conflict and they find themselves at ease if they are surrounded by a loving family.


Intuitive and loyal

They know what you are thinking so should never lie to a Cancer, because they will know. Cancer also has a blind spot for those who they love and will overlook almost anything and will always remain loyal.

Enigmatic and charming

As the mood controls their moods, they tend to be a bit, well –moody. Expect for them to switch from laughter to tears in a matter of seconds. They can also be funny, introspective, adventurous and indulgent and often ask for sympathy.

Crabs are enigmatic and creative.


Cancer in love

They are very loyal and devoted when it comes to romantic relationships and they expect the same treatment in return. Cancerians also enjoy independence and tend to focus on themselves as well.

Best matches

Worst matches

Cancer has little in common with Aquarius, Leo, Aries and Libra. A little advice for Cancer.

A little advice for Cancer

Trust your intuition, your gut is bound to be right! On the other hand, you tend to be a bit irritable –work on your mood swings, tip: start journaling as it will help you understand your feelings. Focus on developing a thicker skin, although it is hard to hear criticism, you have to learn to hear other opinions without feeling hurt. Especially because you take pride in your stories or drawings! Take their opinions to better your creative work!

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