Aquarius explained: Whether you want to get to know yourself better or you are related to an Aquarius, here’s all to find out what makes Aquarius special

Aquarius explained: find out what makes Aquarius special

Want to know why Aquarius is so special? See the main characteristics of the sign, its compatibility and main interests!

Facts about Aquarius.

Aquarius are typically intellectual individuals who love helping other people, they are not judgemental and can adapt easily to their surroundings. They tend to think that they are limited or constrained because freedom and equality for all is what they desire the most. They find it hard to express their true feelings in a healthy way.


Original and independent

They love thinking outside the box, in fact, there is NO box for Aquarius. Although they surround themselves with eclectic groups of people, they tend to be quite independent and they will never compromise their ideals or need for freedom for anyone.

They are original and independent.

Easy-going and humanitarian

They make friends easily and have a deep sense of justice. They are into alternative lifestyles, charity and environmentalism.

Aquarius is friendly and outgoing.


They are ambitious and extremely progressive, they enact positively to change the world –often through humanitarian efforts.


Aquarius in love

They are open to enjoy engaging in conversation with most people, but they are not easy to get to know –they don’t usually open up emotionally to people. If you want to get close to Aquarius, remember that it is all about the mind –they love having intelligent partners –if you want to date an Aquarius, be ready to engage in a complex conversation about technology, history or art.

They like having relationships that have a strong mental connection but will never sacrifice their independence. Don’t ever betray Aquarius, they will never forgive you.

Best matches

Worst matches

A little advice for Aquarius

Explore all your potential –you are a natural-born visionary. Make lists of the causes you are passionate about and see how you can support them. Sometimes you come as cold and insensitive because you find it hard to get in touch with your emotions, try meditating to learn how to build stronger connections with your inner self. You tend to snap too easily, practice some breathing techniques to calm down.

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