Artificial sweeteners: are they interfering with your weight loss goal?

Artificial sweeteners: are they interfering with your weight loss goal?

Do artificial sweeteners make any difference in weight loss? We have heard so many things that contradict each other that it can be hard to determine. Read on to find out if consuming sugar replacement products has the desired effect many hope for. 

Some products that contain zero-calorie sweeteners are often marketed as being good for weight loss. However, artificial sweeteners don't seem to have a major effect on your weight.

Studies have found no connection between artificial sweetener consumption and body weight or fat mass, but some of them report a small increase in Body Mass Index (BMI)

Benefits of sucralose

In fact,  some experts believe that using artificial sweeteners may cause weight gain, not weight loss.

Recent studies have found that when we consume sweeteners, we end up eating more (and thus consuming more calories). This might be due to the fact that people may compensate for “calorie-free” choices by eating or drinking more calories in other food choices or future meals. And we may not even do so consciously. 

Will sucralose help me lose or maintain my weight?

Some scientists believe that because artificial sweeteners are so much sweeter than sugar, they result in our brains craving increasingly sweeter foods. And because sweeteners do not provide calories, they confuse normal brain signals that tell us to stop eating when we've had enough food.

Will sucralose help me lose or maintain my weight?

It has also been suggested that people who are overweigh may choose low-calorie sweetened foods and beverages as one method for losing weight instead of a more balance and sustainable approach. 

Switching to low calorie sweeteners is not the answer

So what is the bottom line?

While many artificial sweeteners are deemed safe, more studies are carried out in annual basis to confirm (or not) the many controversial points surrouding sugar replacement products.

As for now, if you use artificial sweeteners in moderation and are satisfied with the results, carry on. 

If you feel that sugar craving are just not going away, or experiencing health problems, avoiding artificial sweeteners may be one of many things to consider.


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