Did you know that chocolate causes the same sensation as being in love?

Why we love chocolate and other 2 fun facts about everyone's favourite dessert (recipe included)

3 chocolate trivia you probably didn't know

Chocolate, is a food that has been with us for many years and is rated as one of the most desired and popular desserts. The sweet treat is a favourite with adults and children alike,  but there are some curiosities about chocolate that you probably didn't know.

1.- Did you know that chocolate causes the same sensation as being in love?

Chocolate contains phenylethylamin, a substance that causes a pleasant sensation that could be compared to the feeling of 'butterflies' in the stomach that we feel when we are in love.

2.- Did you know that dark chocolate will be as expensive as caviar in the future?

We buy more cocoa than produced and, in addition, the tendency is for plantations to be reduced due to their costly maintenance. The latest estimates calculate that in 20 years, chocolate will be as rare and expensive as caviar and not many poeple will be able to afford it. It's predicted that substitutes will be more commonplace. 

3.- The first place in Europe that tasted chocolate was Zaragoza, Spain

Cocoa is a plant that did not exist in Europe. It was brought by  the first sailors who returned from the new continent, and the kitchen of the Monasterio de Piedra de Zaragoza was the first place in Europe where chocolate was produced.

Despite all the myths, legends and secrets that circulate about cocoa, the truth is that chocolate is still one of the greatest gastronomic delights  and one of the most popular ways to enjoy its flavor is in baking.

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