Do you actually need protein powder? When to supplement a plant-based diet

Protein powders have gained a lot of popularity lately. We collectively seem to be obsessed with protein and fat, but may totally forget about fiber, for example. Yet, you can’t deny how convenient protein powders are. But when do we really need them?

If you are considering taking protein powders and you are not quite sure whether you should, here are some ideas as to when it is a good idea to use this supplement in a plant-based diet.

You’ve begun a new training program

If exercising is new to you, you may want to add a bit of protein to your diet. You’ll need it to recover faster and build muscle.

Recovering from an injury

Experienced athletes tend to up their intake of protein to help muscles recover faster.

You may need protein powder if you’ve begun a new training program.

You’re vegan. Let’s make something clear

You absolutely can get enough protein from a vegan and vegetarian diet without a supplement, but it requires thorough planning. That’s why many may rely on protein powders. This is especially true for those who are just starting their vegetarian or vegan journey.

Protein powder may help muscles recover faster.

You are training more

Let’s say you are an experienced gym-goer, but this summer you’ve decided to train for a marathon or just began lifting weights. Your body will need more protein in this case and a smoothie or a shake here and there will give you the boost you need.

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