What is the Mayr method? All about the diet that helped the actress Rebel Wilson lose weight What is the Mayr method? All about the diet that helped the actress Rebel Wilson lose weight

What is the Mayr method? All about the diet that Rebel Wilson loves

The actress has declared 2020 as her “year of health” and she is trying to reach the goal of being 75 kilograms by the end of the year. The secret of her progress is the Mayr method. What is this diet about? Is it good for you? Discover the answers here

The Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect star has shared on Instagram some photos looking really good.

"Even if you have to crawl towards your goals, keep going [and] it will be worth it,” she said. 

What is this diet about?

The Mayr Method is based on the “Mayr Cure,” a method created by an Austrian doctor named Franz Xaver May. Franz believed that everything is connected to the gut so what we ate and how we eat can affect our health and wellbeing. Moreover, he thought that people poison their digestive system with the foods they eat that is why he designed this method. 

The Mayr Method is based on the “Mayr Cure”

Nowadays his ideas are promoted at Viva Mayr, a wellness facility with locations around the world. The philosophy of Viva Mayr is following the F.X Mayr method: “Once we have treated your condition, proper nutrition combined with exercise and improved mental awareness become the building blocks of your new life.” the official Viva Mayr website says. For starters, they advise spending a week or so at the “medical center” and then you continue at home. The slogan on their webpage says: “We create the plan, you go the distance”. The program will cost nearly $2200—not including flights or accommodations. 

3 important things about this method

1) No caffeine, sugar, or alcohol for 14 days

Alcohol, coffee, and sugar are avoided. Although it can seem difficult, it is a fact that it can take anywhere from 2-3 days for the participants to adapt to the new regime and detox the body.

The Mayr method does not promote snacking

2) This method does not promote snacking

Instead of encouraging people to have a healthy snack as many traditional diets, the Mayr method forbids any kind of snacking throughout the day. It puts the emphasis on having breakfast regularly and asks people to drink lots of water throughout the day is a “prerequisite”.

3) Conscious eating 

The Mayr diet encourages people to be more “aware” of what and when they eat. Also, a person must focus on chewing food at least 30 times, aiding digestion. People staying at Viva Mayr are encouraged to avoid using phones while eating.

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