What is kombucha tea and what are its benefits?

What exactly is kombucha tea and how can it transform your health

The name is funny or even weird. But its benefits are not. It helps us keep a healthy and balanced diet. Below, some useful information about this rare kind of tea.

Kombucha is a drink obtained from the low-temperature fermentation of sweetened black tea with a fungus. The yeasts and bacteria present in this fungus transform the tea into a new product,  the Kombucha Tea, one of the highest probiotic bacteria products actually known.

Kombucha has many health benefits

The Kombucha mushroom is relatively easy to obtain in wholefoods stores and it is very easy to start the fermentation process at home by adding the sweetened black tea until the fermentation is complete. We can keep this crop for years by adding sweetened tea when necessary, or we can also divide the fungus and create new Kombucha cultures very easily.

Kombucha is obtained from the low-temperature fermentation of sweetened black tea with a fungus.

If we want to slow down the process we can place the culture (it should always be done in a glass jar) in the refrigerator. If we want to restart the process, we can simply take it out and at room temperature and the process will start again.

The bacteria and yeasts present in the kombucha mushroom break down sucrose (cane sugar) into glucose and fructose, transforming these two sugars by the action of the same fungi and yeasts, into Ethyl Alcohol (less than 0.5%), Acetic Acid, and Carbonic Anhydride, obtaining a Sparkling product (due to the carbonic anhydride that is dissolved) with a flavor similar to Apple Cider, full of Probiotics, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, and amino acids.

One or two glasses per day can help our system be healthier.

Taking one or 2 glasses per day, associated with a healthy and balanced diet, will keep our Microbiota in excellent condition. Let us remember that the consumption of fermented beverages such as Kombucha Tea, Kefir, Natto, Cider Vinegar, Sauerkraut, and other fermented vegetables is much more effective than the classic Probiotics in capsules.

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