Watch Lizzo make her delicious vegan Jamaican patties. Yum!

Watch Lizzo make her delicious vegan Jamaican patties. Yum!

Lizzo is a songwriter, singer, flutist and a symbol of body positivity. This won't be a surprise to any of her fans, but Lizzo loves her body and couldn't care less if someone doesn't.

The author of "Cuz I Love You", her third album, which won a Grammy last year and combines her brilliant musical career with messages of self-love. 

Her performances are a musical spectacle and her videos have become an internet phenomenon.

Lizzo, who has made her personal process of acceptance and self-confidence part of her career, is an icon of the "body positive" movement.

What is her diet?

Lizzo has been on a vegetarian diet for about seven years and vegan for one. But her choice doesn't involve boring dishes based on tofu and seitan.

Lizzo likes food and variety. In fact, the singer from Minneapolis points out the great variety and quality of the city's vegetarian offers. 

Lizzo´s spicy beef patty

A good example of what Lizzo is capable of doing in the kitchen with vegan recipes are her Vegan Jamaican patties.

See how she handles the kitchen as she shares her Tiktok recipe@theofficallizzo


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