Victoria´s Secret model, Stella Maxwell, reveals her secret diet

Victoria´s Secret model, Stella Maxwell, reveals her secret diet

What do models eat to stay in shape? Many people want to know the secret to their diet because you need much more than good genetics to have a gorgeous body.

It is a total lie to say that someone can be fit because of their genetics. In reality, in order to have a healthy body, people need to maintain healthy habits.

Seeing the body of famous models and sometimes wanting to make people believe that they are maintaining an unhealthy routine is very frustrating for many people who diet and do not get the same results. To be really fit you have to eat healthily.

Stella Maxwell, one of the world's most famous models, tells about her healthy habits in order to become a member of Victoria's Secret.

"I do a lot of yoga. Yoga is really like a mental experience. You spend an hour mentally thinking about how you stretch your body in these positions. I find it interesting how you come out feeling completely different from how you went in.

The model says she eats in moderation to stay fit and healthy. She likes to eat eggs for breakfast, avocado, oatmeal and yogurt. While at lunch she chooses fish or chicken with salad. For dinner, she also repeats the protein and salad diet.

"I exercise one hour a day. I'm not picky about the time I exercise. I exercise as often as I can, usually four or five times a week.

Stella Maxwell shows that to stay in shape you have to take care of your health, with healthy eating and exercise. There are no magic recipes, nor is it a question of genetics. We can all be healthy if we really want to.

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