Tips on how to control food portions

Tips on how to control food portions

When we eat, there are several ways to control portions and create a suitable environment so that we do not overindulge and eat more food than we need.  

Following diet plans and exercising regularly are not the only ways to maintain or lose weight. There are other methods to burn more calories than we consume that have to do with controlling the portions of food we eat.

Drinking water
Drinking a large glass of water before eating naturally fills the stomach and reduces the chances of overeating. It is also advisable to drink in tall glasses and with plenty of ice.

Drinking a big glass of water before eating helps reduce the food you will eat.

Add vegetables as a complement to dishes
Supplementing meals with vegetables or carbohydrates is an easy way to consume fewer calories. Some ideas might be to use more mushrooms instead of ground beef and to use whole wheat pita instead of traditional bread to fill it with more vegetables.

Eat dinner on a plate that helps you lose weight
According to some research, the color of the plate can influence the amount of food we eat. When the plate and the food it contains have a low color contrast, people tend to serve themselves 22% more than when there is higher contrast.

When the color of the plate and the food have more contrast people tend to eat less.

Prepare the environment to eat more slowly
Lowering the lights and listening to soothing music can make for a more enjoyable meal and help reduce portions. In addition, it is advisable to chew slowly, rest your fork between bites and drink some water to make the dish more durable.

Do not eat directly from a bag or box
People tend to eat more when they don't have visual indications of how big portions should be. That is, if we buy a bag that contains 10 servings, we must divide the contents of the container into 10 smaller bags in advance.

Having your meals in a relaxed environment is always a good way of controlling the food you eat.

Include an appetizer
Before eating the main dish, it is suggested to eat some soup (preferably broth-based or with vegetables). Starting a meal with a soup can help reduce your overall calorie intake.

Limit distractions at mealtime
Turning off the television and putting the cell phone aside are advisable. People who watch television during meals consume more than those who do so without any distraction.

Eating while watching TV is not adviceable as you may not fully control what you eat.

Finish the meal with selected desserts
A decaffeinated tea flavored with mint, cinnamon, chocolate, or one of your favorite fruit varieties is recommended to satisfy your craving for something sweet.

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