Healthy is trendy! Two-ingredient flourless chocolate cake

Nowadays, people are more aware of the ingredients included in their food and are making healthier choices. That is why we bring you a very easy and healthy recipe. It is a chocolate cake that only has two ingredients!

After having experienced the boom of fast food and overprocessed meals, we are now going back to the roots: fewer ingredients, less processed food, healthier fats and organic food. The food we eat impacts our body greatly: we all know how a large intake of refined sugar can lead to higher blood pressure, inflammation, weight gain, diabetes, and fatty liver disease. On the other hand, convenience or pre-prepared foods can contribute to the obesity epidemic and the rising of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

Another trend that has recently become popular is reducing the intake of white flour to the minimum, and this is so because white flour turns to something similar to glue in the intestines. Flour has no fiber, it congests the system, makes digestion slower, and can often lead to obesity, stress, and headaches.

This is why we bring you sugar and flour-free cake! Let's see how to prepare this delicious and easy recipe.


How to: 

Dark chocolate is rich in minerals and provides several health benefits 

You can add whipped cream, powdered sugar, or even fruits on top. We can assure you it will taste great no matter what!

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Peter O Brien

Peter started out his professional life as a restaurant critic but ended up moving to the kitchen, realizing that his passion didn’t only lie in tasting the food, but MAKING it. Follow his delicious recipes, as well as useful articles about the many benefits healthy and delicious food will bring to your life.+ info

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