This is Demi Moore's diet for maintaining a healthy body

This is Demi Moore's diet for maintaining a healthy body

Demi Moore is 57 years old but she keeps her body healthy and fit. She doesn't seem to age and the big secret is her diet.

The actress, model, and producer maintains a healthy and beautiful figure. Demi Moore talks about the diet she keeps.

Now Demi Moore feels good about herself. For many years she maintained extreme diets, going from overweight to thin.

"I was not happy in either of these two stages."

Demi has revealed in several interviews some of her secrets about her weight loss diet. However, it is good to know that before starting a diet, it is necessary to consult a nutritionist.

Moore follows a diet for endurance athletes, which includes: Eating carbohydrates: wholemeal bread, brown rice, pasta, fruits, which give your body energy to train. She also drinks a lot of water every day, at least 3 liters. She consumes lean protein after workouts to help muscles recover. 

Another habit she follows is to avoid eating foods with fat, avoiding the use of butter, cream, mayonnaise.

Demi Moore follows a strict diet every day: she has removed sugar and sweets as well as processed foods. 

"I only eat when I'm hungry and stop when I feel full. But always healthy food, no snacks.

Finally, in addition to good nutrition, Demi Moore works hard at the gym to stay thin and physically fit.

"I regularly swim, surf, yoga and do weight training to strengthen my legs and increase my flexibility.

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