This is Bella Hadid's original diet for keeping fit

Bella Hadid keeps in killer shape. She looks great and healthy, and her secret is a new diet.

Bella Hadid has paraded on all the catwalks of the pretty much all the luxury brands, and has become one of the most recognized models in the world.

When she has to prepare for a fashion show in her underwear, Bella goes on a 21days detox diet.

Although Bella Hadid has a toned body, her social networks could make us believe that her privileged silhouette is due to a more than lucky genetics. However, she follows a diet with a prestigious nutritionist, whose foundations help the model to maintain her silhouette.

Even though she usually allows herself fast food every once in a while, she keeps a strict diet before a show known as a detox diet.

The detox diet consists of a seven days plan that serves to cleanse the body. Toxins are present not only in the air we breathe but also in the products we apply to our skin and the processed foods we eat.

For seven days, it seeks to detoxify the body and create new healthy relationships with food. And to improve not only the silhouette but the quality of our hair, skin, and nails.

During this week of detoxification, smoothies, protein bars, virgin olive oil, and vegetables are consumed, although the vegetables are usually steamed or cooked in soups.

Detox diet:

The diet is not easy to follow, that's why models only stick to it for a limited period of time. But the basics can be applied without going to such extremes. 

The 21 days program adds phase two to the system, in which proteins such as eggs, fish, red meat, and extra fat are introduced. The vegetables can be eaten raw or cooked on the grill or in the oven.

When not on this diet, the model, although she eats healthy on a daily basis, is not deprived of pasta dishes, cheese sandwiches, and other permitted foods.

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