The incredible benefits of tomatoes

The incredible benefits of tomatoes plus a delicious recipe

Despite being a fruit native to South America, the tomato is generally consumed and prepared as a vegetable. What we tend to ignore are the incredible benefits of this humble kitchen staple.

Not only are tomatoes the most versatile fruit in the world, but they are also incredibly nutritious. There are literally thousands of recipes you can prepare in 5 minutes: sprinkle some herbs on a freshly sliced tomato for a snack, toss it in a mixer for a refreshing gazpacho, prepare some super delicious tomato sauce for your pasta, and the list is endless. But, apart from being super convenient, they are amazing for our health, let's see!

Sprinkle some herbs on a freshly sliced tomato for a snack.

Tomatoes are a good source of several vitamins and minerals:

Spring is a great moment to incorporate more tomatoes into your meals. And we have just the right recipe!

Whilst great for salads or as a healthy snack, tomatoes are best combined with other ingredients that will highlight their flavor. We use the seasonal strawberries, but mango or even pineapple would make sublime companions too.

Peter O Brien

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