A diet that changed Rev Al Sharpton's appearance forever

The diet that changed Rev Al Sharpton's appearance forever

The Reverend Al Sharpton has been very much in the forefront of the debates following George Floyd's death. Sharpton is a well-known activist in the civil rights movement. But in addition, Sharpton totally changed his eating habits and the result was impressive.

15 years ago, the Reverend's daughter asked him a life-changing question. Why are you so fat?

At that time Sharpton weighed over 300 pounds and followed a strict diet at breakfast, lunch, and dinner: fried chicken. Sometimes adding eggs for breakfast or a sandwich in the morning or evening, but always with fried chicken.

Sharpton weighed over 300 pounds

Today Sharpton weighs less than half of that, and the question we ask ourselves is: what kind of diet has he followed to lose that amount of kilos?

Al Sharpton's daily diet: less than 1000 calories a day.

The Sharpton diet is based on a dramatic reduction in the number of daily calories. Usually, about 2000 to 2500 a day with some exercise is recommended.

Sharpton diet breaks barriers ... less than 1K calories per day

But the Sharpton diet breaks all barriers and offers a menu of... less than 1000 calories For breakfast, some toast, and a fruit juice. In total about 400 to 450 calories.

For lunch: Salads with tomatoes, boiled eggs, lettuce, and some fruit. In total about 350 calories.

At dinner, a green juice of any kind: about 180-200 calories.

A habit developed by Sharpton is not to eat anything solid after 6 pm. And you must be physically active for about 20 minutes a day.

As with any diet, you may be interesting in adopting it's always recommended to seek professional advice. A health professional or a nutritionist will be in the best position to assess what is the healthiest diet or meal plan for yourself. Always seek professional advice.

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