The amazing properties of coconut (recipe included)

The amazing properties of coconut (recipe included)

While you may already have coconut once every now and then, once you know 5 benefits of coconut, you will be making this fruit part of your diet!

Coconut is a true multitasker. Who doesn't like drinking coconut water when it is extremely hot? Coconut oil is also a great make-up remover, a powerful moisturizer and a delicious addition to desserts. Coconut has many other properties and there are multiple reasons to include it in the diet. Today we list 5 benefits that you should know about coconut.

1. A natural antibacterial

Coconut is considered a powerful antibacterial perfect for strengthening the immune system, due to its lauric acid content.

2. Provides a large amount of essential nutrients

Among the minerals it provides are selenium and zinc, which have antioxidant properties, vitamin C, perfect for bone health, vitamin B1 and vitamin B3 effective in reducing cholesterol levels.

Coconut if a true multitasker

3. Helps control blood pressure

This is mainly due to the presence of potassium in coconut water. A study published in the West Indian Medical Journal confirmed these properties of coconut water.

4. It is a diuretic and laxative

Coconut is a good ally to combat fluid retention since it has diuretic properties and also has a laxative effect due to its high fiber content.

Coconut provides many health benefits

5. Helps skin hydration

Another benefit of coconut is that its oil has very beneficial properties for the skin since it hydrates it and makes it look softer and brighter.

Check out our recipe for chickpeas with broccolini and coconut milk and take advantage of coconut benefits!

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