Try these 6 sugar substitutes! What are you waiting for?

The 6 best and healthiest sugar substitutes

Reducing your sugar intake may seem hard, as it's usually regarded as a basic ingredient for many recipes and a constant presence in most sweets. However, you can easily switch it up for other products that have a similar sweet taste but contain healthier components. These are some alternatives to sugar that'll satisfy your sweet tooth and fit a healthy diet!

Most people are aware of the risks of a high sugar intake, including the possibility to develop type II diabetes and heart disease, and experience tooth decay and weight gain. However, it seems a risk worth taking for the sugar's taste. What if you could switch to a healthier choice that doesn't carry these risks, without giving up that sweet flavor?

A healthier lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to completely cut back on sweet foods. Instead, try out recipes with these sugar substitutes and look for ways to adapt them to your daily sugar consumptions. This transition may seem hard at first, but it’ll totally be worth it!

1. Stevia

This plant-based sweetener doesn't contain calories and won't have negative consequences on your blood sugar levels. In supermarkets, it's often sold with other ingredients like insulin, which promotes good gut digestive flora. Be aware of compounds that may upset your stomach, but give this substitute a try!

You can find Stevia, a plant-based sweetener, in most supermarkets.

2. Rice bran syrup

Would you believe in the existence of a great and effective sugar alternative that's made from brown rice? Well, rice bran syrup is a thing and increasingly more people are being drawn to it, both for its sweet taste and its health benefits, which include high B vitamins levels.

Rice bran syrup is sweet, healthy, and an overall great sugar substitute.

3. Erythritol

If you check the labels of most sugar-free foods, erythritol is a common denominator. This is a diet-friendly sugar alcohol that works as a great substitute for sugar. As it's increasingly more popular, you'll find this artificial sweetener in many shops. Your taste buds won't be able to tell the difference!

4. Monk fruit (Lo Han Guo)

This fruit has been used in China as a natural sweetener for centuries. It's 300 times sweeter than cane sugar, an impressive number that becomes even more interesting when you learn that it's free of many of its dangerous components. For instance, it's practically free of calories, which means it won't affect your teeth nor your body's blood sugar levels negatively. Combined with its antioxidative properties, Monk fruit is a great alternative to sugar!

5. Maple syrup

This natural sweetener will keep your blood sugar levels at bay whilst preventing cancer and degenerative diseases, thanks to its antioxidant levels. Your body will also benefit from its nutrients: maple syrup is rich in zinc and manganese. Even though it contains calories, you can choose darker-looking forms of this syrup to limit your calorie consumption.

Maple syrup is a healthy alternative to sugar, mostly due to its antioxidative properties.

6. Honey

This ancient sweetener is used in many recipes, but can also work as a sugar substitute in other situations, such as coffee sweetener. It's one of the most natural alternatives available, and its calorie components are easily compensated by its many nutrients, including zinc, copper, magnesium, and more.

There are little sugar substitutes that are as natural and popular as honey.

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