Super spice: 10 facts about cinnamon (and a recipe)

Super spice: 10 facts about cinnamon (and a recipe)

A spice with great qualities! 10 cinnamon facts that will surprise you

Cinnamon, a beloved aromatic spice, is much more than a condiment for drinks and desserts. It has many beneficial qualities we have talked about before, like helping control sugar cravings. Here’s another 10 facts about cinnamon.

1.- There are hundreds of types of cinnamon, but only four are used for commercial purposes, the most common of all being cassia cinnamon.

2.- Cinnamon helps regulate glucose levels in the blood.

Cinnamon is perfect for hot drinks

3.- Did you know that cinnamon can also help you lose weight?

4.- Cinnamon oil helps keep mosquitoes away, making it an excellent repellent.

5.- Cinnamon was originally cultivated in Sri Lanka, but when the Portuguese invaded this country, they forced the natives to give them a tribute of thousands of pounds of cinnamon annually. Cinnamon was also considered a precious good in South America.

Cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar

6.- Cinnamon stimulates brain activity and improves attention and visual memory.

7.- If you mix a little cinnamon powder with honey and apply it to your hair, you can get a slightly lighter shade naturally.

8.- In ancient Egypt, this spice was used for embalming!

Cinnamon stimulates brain activity

9.- Thanks to its natural properties, cinnamon helps control blood clotting and improves circulation.

10.- Cinnamon was used for a long time to preserve food due to its antimicrobial properties.

We are going to take advantage of some of its gastronomic benefits and use it in this recipe for apple and cinnamon hotcakes.

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