South America's best-kept secret: take a look at the incredible benefits of Açai

South America's best-kept secret: the incredible benefits of Açai

This exotic berry with a deep purple color is one of the superfoods that you should be excited about. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals that provide plenty of benefits for your body. Let's take a look at the surprising benefits it offers.

The açai berry comes from the Amazon jungle. The berry itself is highly perishable (must be consumed within 24 hours), that's why in many countries we opt to take it in powder, frozen sachets, or juice form instead of the actual fruit. It is filled with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, electrolytes, plant sterols, fiber, amino acids, trace minerals, and B vitamins. With regard to its specific vitamin content, acai berries possess manganese, vitamin A, copper, iron, thiamine, calcium, and magnesium.

The açai berry is round, dark purple in color, and small in size, about 10 to 14 millimeters. Only 10% of it can be consumed, which is what corresponds to the pulp, the remaining 90% is the seed. In addition, it is a very perishable food, so for its export, it is necessary to transport it in refrigerated or freezer chambers, and if this aspect is not taken care of, its nutritional value can decrease. Its peculiarities make it more difficult to buy because, although they are already on the rise, there are still few establishments that have it available.

Acai berry has appetite-suppressing abilities that aid in weight loss.

So what exactly will you be getting with regular consumption of the acai berry? Plenty! Here’s a list of all the treats and benefits  you’re in for:

1.High content of flavonoids

About 44g of anthocyanins per 100 of açai, antioxidants that give this fruit its characteristic color. It has between 15 and 30 times more concentration of flavonoids than red wine, which help protect the body from harmful agents.

2. Improves cardiovascular health

Its content in fiber, phytosterols, and monounsaturated fats improves circulation and, according to a study, it has an antioxidant effect on blood and plasma.

3. It has more protein than eggs

Açai is a good source of organic vegetable protein, which does not produce cholesterol during digestion and is more assimilable than the rest. For this reason, it is an option that is increasingly included in the diets of athletes.

Açai is a good source of organic vegetable protein, which does not produce cholesterol during digestion and is more assimilable than the rest.

4. High amount of fiber

This carbohydrate helps the digestive system perform its function and can reduce the risk of intestinal and colon diseases.

5. Omega 3, 6 and 9

Açai is rich in these essential fatty acids that are so important for good health, as it helps create and repair cell membranes and process other lipids.

6. Vitamins A, B, and C

All these vitamins strengthen the immune system, provide energy, and improve the appearance of the skin.

The acai superfruit for breakfast

How to add it to your diet:

Acai powder will provide the most concentrated amount of nutrients, but if you want to truly enjoy this super berry's flavor, the puree is your best choice. 

Make an acai bowl, using unsweetened puree, blended with water and your milk of choice, and topped with coconut flakes, granola, chia seeds, sunflower seed, sliced banana, and strawberries, or cocoa nibs. 

The açai, as we have said, is a fruit of which only a small part is used. This fruit is sold as frozen pulp, in juice, in jelly, in powder, or in tablets, and is usually used in ice cream, cakes, chocolates, smoothies, or in energy bars, usually mixed with guarana to increase its energy intake.

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