Some benefits of sparkling water for your health you may want to consider

Sparkling water hydrates you, has a satiating effect, helps digest proteins and, contrary to popular belief, does not make you fat. Of course, it is not recommended if you suffer from certain digestive problems. There are many myths around sparkling water. Some are true and others not so much.

Sparkling water is literally water with carbon dioxide, responsible for its bubbles. In fact, this same gas is added to everything that has bubbles (such as carbonated drinks), although in the case of sparkling water it can be present naturally (there are springs that produce this type of water) or be added later injected with pressure. The ingredients of both (natural and artificial) are the same and, therefore, the benefits are similar, although the natural ones are milder in taste ... they are also more expensive.


1. Improves digestion
The carbonic acid provided by sparkling water, added to the pH and acid of the stomach, increases the secretion of gastric juices and, therefore, helps to digest the proteins in food. To put a very graphic simile, proteins are like a ball of wool and the gastric juices fray them.

It has been proved that sparkling water improves your digestion by helping to digest the proteins in food.

2. It makes you eat less
This effect is achieved because a specific chemical reaction takes place. When you drink sparkling water, the acidic pH of the stomach (between 3 and 4 due to gastric juices) converts carbon dioxide into carbon dioxide. And this conversion causes that ' press' against the walls of the stomach, making you have a certain sensation of bloating.

3. It does not get you fat
Many people think that ingesting gas is associated with weight gain. However, if it causes abdominal distention, that is, swelling, it has nothing to do with the increase in body fat. Neither carbonated water nor still water provides calories, therefore they do not affect body weight.

It does not provide calories, therefore it does not affect body weight.

You should not drink sparkling water if:

1. You tend to eat very quickly, you chew little or swallow air when eating. These bad habits when eating cause abdominal distension (bloating), so in these cases, it is not advisable to drink sparkling water as it would be an added factor that would further aggravate the bloating.

2. You have flatulence. If you accumulate gas and it is difficult for you to expel them, avoid adding more gas to the digestive system. In case of celiac disease, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis or irritable bowel. In all those diseases that affect the intestine, sparkling water is not recommended because it can increase digestive discomfort due to increased abdominal distention in the large intestine.

It is completely discouraged to drink sparkling water when you eat quickly as that would further aggravate the bloating.

3. You suffer from heartburn or reflux. Sparkling water is not recommended because its pH is more acidic (between 5 and 6) than normal (pH 7), so we would further increase heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux.

Peter O Brien

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