Vegan bolognese sauce Vegan bolognese sauce

So tasty: try this vegan bolognese sauce

Everyone enjoys having a nice homemade bolognese sauce.  Of course, accompanied by your favorite pasta. Check out our delicious vegan bolognese recipe

Today in Koko news we bring you a delicious and classic recipe. We are talking about the traditional Bolognese sauce. Only this time made with only vegetables and textured soy. Which brings us many benefits to our health.
   First of all, it should be noted that textured soy is an excellent source of fiber, so it regulates intestinal transit and prevents diseases such as constipation.

Textured soy / Photo by: StockFood / Teubner Foodfoto

  Also, its high protein content stands out, thus providing energy on a physical and mental level. To all this, we must add that the saturated fat content is minimal, so it helps to take care of cardiovascular health.

Pasta with vegan bolognese sauce / Photo by: Andrea R. M. Meyers


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