Savoury snack: bittersweet samosas that will blow you mind and are vegan

No matter if you are in Cairo, New Delhi, Buenos Aires, or Istanbul, if you want to eat fast and locally, you’ll most probably find pastries at every corner.  

Although the food is common in various geographies, not all pastries are the same. The Asian version of a pastry is characterized by an extremely thin and normally crunchy mass. They are typical of the cuisine of India, Pakistan or Tibet.

If you like Asian cuisine, don't miss this recipe because you'll love it...




Boil the potatoes and sauté the onion with peas and spices. Mix together and set aside whilst you make the dough.




  1. Mix the flour with salt
  2. Add the oil and work the flour with your fingertips until it absorbs all the oil and you have a sort of crumb or grated cheese texture.
  3. Add the water little by little, kneading it until you get a homogeneous dough.
  4. Pass the dough to the oiled table, oil your hands and knead until it is smooth and soft. - Wrap in cling film and set aside for 30 minutes.
Savoury snack: bittersweet samosas that will blow you mind and are vegan


  1. After 30 minutes, stretch the dough with the rolling until it becomes very thin. Use flour on the table to prevent it from sticking.
  2. Using a plate or a large mug, cut out circles of about 7-8 inches in diameter, and then cut them in half with a knife.
  3. Take each semicircle and moisten the edges, and join the straight side forming a cone.
  4. Fill in and seal the open side by pressing with your fingers.

Cook and Enjoy!

It is important to fry them in hot and abundant oil so that they are completely submerged and browned evenly. Don't put too many at once so that the temperature of the oil doesn't drop too much and the dough absorbs it.

Enjoy them with our favorite dip!

Don't miss this recipe because you'll love it too...

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