Plant-based meat substitutes: how to chose the best option (plus a recipe).

Plant-based meat substitutes: how to chose the best option (plus a recipe).

The rise of plant-based diet has brought about many changes.

Plant-based is a word that was relatively unknown just a few years ago. Not anymore. Google trends show that more people than ever search for plant-based and vegan alternatives. And supermarkets are not staying behind the trend, providing a host of new porducts. The most popular being meat substitutes. While many vegans argue that consuming meat substitutes defeats the purpose of veganism, others believe they make transition into plant-based diet easier.

Plant-based alternatives are very popular

How to choose a good alternative?

Simply put, read the labels. The fewer ingredients the better. Check out contents of salt, fat and common allergens. If you are going to spend your hard-earned money on a vegan burger, make it the best one you can get. 

Read the labels carefully

Don't overdo it

Traditional sausages and burgers have been in the news lately, and not for good reason. Serious warnings were issued by the WHO regarding consumption of highly-processed meat. But don't overdo the alternatives either. Moderation is key, as usual.

Make your own vegan sausages

Make your own

To have more control on what's inside your plant-based burger and sausage, you can try to make your own. They won't be extactly the same, but at least you'll know what's in them. 

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