Picking the perfect fruit: tricks you must know before you go to the market

Picking the perfect fruit: tricks you must know before you go to the market

Shape, color, aroma and origin are some of the details to take into account.

The appearance, colour, aroma and origin are some factors to take into account when shopping for fruits. And in this article, we will give you some simple tricks so that you know how to choose the best produce!

Watermelon: colour and spots

How to pick the perfect watermelon

There is a trick to know if the watermelon is ripe: if it does not have spots, then go for it.  Another option is to tap it gently with your fingers or the palms of your hands and feel it sounds hollow. If so, it's ripe enough to buy.

Melon: smell and weight

Melon: smell and weight

To find out if a melon is ripe, hold it firmly in both hands. If it is a bit heavy, it is because it is at the optimal point of ripeness. But the best way to know if the melon is the right one to get is by bringing it closer to the nose and observing if it gives off a sweet aroma.

Berries: colour

If the berries are very colourful,  not wrinkled and the stem comes off easily, it is a guarantee that they were picked when they were ripe, so they will be sweet and have a lot of flavour.

Grapes: check the stem

Grapes must be firmly attached to stems

As for the grapes, a trick to know if they are at their optimum point is to shake the bunch and check if they remain attached to the stem. If they do, it is because they are perfect.

Peach: skin and aroma

Peaches: the secret's in the skin

From the colour of its skin, you will be able to know if a peach is already a bit overripe. You just have to make sure that the tone is uniform, with no more colours than orange-yellow. Furthermore, its aroma must be soft, aromatic and fruity, not too overpowering.

Pineapples: texture

Pineapples must maintain their firmness (that the skin does not sink in if we press on it). Also, the tips of the stem must have started to change their hue from green to orange.

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