OMG! Green tea properties and benefits you will love

Among the many varieties of tea, we can find green tea. Although it is very popular, you can still discover its secrets, types, and benefits.

It is mostly produced in China, Japan, and Vietnam, but it became very popular in the West, where, black tea was the most consumed. Now, more and more people are consuming green tea and there is much to discover about it. 

Matcha is a well-known variety of green tea.

What's good about green tea?

There are many varieties of green tea that have beneficial properties.

There are many types of green tea and you can choose the one that is more accurate according to your aims. Matcha is a very well-known one because of its antioxidant flavonoids and other polyphenols. Bancha is useful when trying to reduce free radicals. Kukicha green tea is known for its high amounts of calcium, Vitamin C, and zinc. 

What you need to know first is that green tea is much more than a simple tea. It has compounds that contribute to fighting inflammation and free radicals. It also contains caffeine, not as much as coffee, but it can help increase the activation of neurons.

It was also found that green tea lowers fats and boosts metabolic rate. Studies showed that green tea increased energy expenditure by 4%. Besides that, there were some studies that showed a boost in metabolic rate, which depends on each person.

Green tea compounds could improve short-term brain function and protect neurons. Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are the most frequent degenerative diseases and green tea could help to prevent them. This is associated with Catechin components, which can have protective effects on neurons, potentially lowering the risk of the diseases. 

Green tea is used to fight acne.

When trying to avoid infections, green tea can be a great ally due to its Catechin components. Studies found that it can kill bacteria and some viruses too. It is also very effective when fighting acne and pimples by removing bacteria that is causing it.

How to use green tea to fight acne

You can easily add green tea to your skincare routine.


The method:

  1. Place the water and apple cider vinegar in a cooking pot. Let them boil for 10 minutes.
  2. Add the tea bags and let them rest for 20 minutes.
  3. Soak the cotton in the liquid and spread it all over your face.
  4. Leave it for the whole night.
  5. Rinse with warm water in the morning.
  6. You can also add moisturizer.

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