Nicole Kidman's secrets to staying in killer shape

Nicole Kidman's secrets to staying in killer shape

At 54 years of age, the actress looks as fit as ever, and here's how she's managing to stay in shape!

Unbelievably enough, her diet and routine are not as complicated as one would imagine!

Nicole Kidman maintains an organic diet that can be used to lose or maintain a healthy weight. She recognizes that she takes good care of herself even though she is not very fond of diets or gyms.

However, she maintains a healthy body, because she follows an organic diet based on whole foods.

Nicole Kidman maintains an organic diet // Photo: Instagram

The actress only eats unprocessed and organic food because she is afraid of pesticides.

She knows that in order to help her skin and body stay young and in good health, it is necessary to choose food properly.

Nicole Kidman eats 5 small portions a day. The actress has recently revealed some of her secrets.

"It's walking a path that's ultimately 80% healthy, 20% … sometimes it falls to 70,"  she told Women's Health


After becoming a mother, she gained weight but soon after that she showed off her wonderful body again.

"I was a few pounds overweight around the waist but nothing that I couldn't fight with all that being a mother at 41".

The actress says it's important to eat healthy food not only to look good but also to feel good inside.

 "I try to eat well: salads, fish and sometimes pasta, but I'm not a friend of high fat foods.

When Nicole Kidman is asked what exercise she does to stay in shape, she explains that having grown up near the sea, she has "a very special relationship with water.

Nicole Kidman daily skincare  // Photo: Instagram

She has stated that she loves to swim and her daily routine includes 30 minutes of swimming to relax and exercise. In addition, Nicole Kidman loves to play tennis 1h - 2 times a week.

To look young she also has some daily care like optimal hydration, she drinks a lot of water every day. Without a doubt the results are incredible.

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