Morning workout? This is what you should eat

It is usually hard to decide what to eat before and after a workout. This is particularly true if you exercise in the morning!

James Collins, the author of The Energy Plan, came up with different meal plans in order to help you determine the ideal fuel for your workout routine, based on when your practice takes place.

Morning exercise, precisely before breakfast, is called training low, and this allows you to burn more fat during your workout routine. 

When it comes to eating habits, you have two options: either having a snack before training and eating breakfast after your session or having a fuelling meal the night before.

Here's a 3-day meal plan that will help you fuel and boost your energy when you need it and it will help you maintain your levels:

Fuelling food will provide you with the right amount of energy.

Day 1

Breakfast: beans and avocado toast
Snack: Berry yogurt pot
Lunch: Black bean, tofu, and avocado bowl
Afternoon snack: seed mix
Dinner: black bean chili (without rice!)

Apple porridge is a great breakfast option!

Day 2

Breakfast: apple and linseed porridge
Snack: avocado and strawberry smoothie
Lunch: Cajun blackened chicken with quinoa
Afternoon snack: nutty chicken with satay strips
Dinner: Thai-style steamed fish and chili green 

Quinoa is a superfood you should definitely include in your diet.

Day 3

Breakfast: poached eggs with smashed avocado and tomatoes
Snack: homemade protein shake
Lunch: Turkey burgers with beetroot relish and quinoa tabbouleh
Afternoon snack: basil and olive eggs
Dinner: Morrocan spiced tuna with Asian greens

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