Lizzo’s daily diet as a new vegan Lizzo’s daily diet as a new vegan

Lizzo’s daily diet as a new vegan

The singer and songwriter Lizzo shared in her TikTok what she eats in a typical day. “As a new vegan, I’m enjoying exploring flavors from plants & plant-based proteins! Every journey is personal and deserves to be celebrated,” she said

Since weeks, Lizzo has been posting some vegan dishes on TikTok and her Instragam account. She said she started eating a lot of meat substitutes, such as jackfruit, and Beyond Meat. She also follows a raw food diet, which means eating organic, uncooked, and unprocessed foods, including lots of vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, and grains. 

“Being raw has a lot of internal benefits [and] those are the ones that are important to me” Lizzo said in her Instagram Stories. “It boosts your immune system [and] it gives your digestive system a break. And it just boosts your energy.” she continued. Although she cooks some of her meals, she posted on her Instagram that she sometimes ordered food from vegan meal-delivery services. “I ordered these raw meals from Rawvolution.”

Lizzo’s vegan diet

For breakfast, Lizzo said she usually starts the day with a nice protein-meal. She often whips up a green smoothie made with kale or spinach, frozen fruit, and coconut water. 

For lunch, she has a salad with colorful veggie options such as kale, red cabbage, broccoli, seasoned avocado, onions, and carrots. She also made a sandwich with multigrain, plant-based bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickle, avocado, and vegan mayo.

For lunch, she has a salad with colorful veggie options // Photo by lizzo tik tok

For a snack, Lizzo said that she replaced the Cheetos with Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs, a vegan and friendly snack with cheesy flavor but of course without the cheese. "I dip them in hummus, and Badda-boom Badda-snack!" Lizzo said. 

For dinner, Lizzo opted for meat-alternative balls made up with truffles and chickpeas and a side of quinoa. She also eats salad and soap.

Finally, for dessert, Lizzo makes peanut butter and a jelly smoothie with peanut butter, frozen strawberries, oats, oat milk, and vanilla protein powder. So by the end of the day, she said she felt "very lit and full.”

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