Learn these great ways that different teas improve your health

Learn these great ways that different teas improve your health

Tea has been brewed and consumed for centuries. There are teas of every flavor, each with significant properties that can help your body and can improve your health in many ways. Learn which cup of tea you should drink to alleviate stress, to get better sleep, and other health-boosting remedies!

Tea is a powerful drink, very rich in amino acids, polyphenols, carbohydrates, minerals, and others. These nutrients and elements are very useful when treating certain skin conditions, such as acne or psoriasis, and preventing cellular damage and aging.

The best tea to detoxify your body and rejuvenate skin cells is green tea. It's no wonder the reasons why it can be found in many beauty and skincare products, from shampoos to lip balms. This tea is unoxidized, which means it's the closest form of tea to the fresh leaves of the plant. Green tea will have a positive effect on your teeth and gums, and will also reactivate dying skin cells to prevent scarring.

Green tea has several benefits, both for your skin and the entire body.

Sleep is a key element in a healthy lifestyle. With sleep deprivation, you won't be able to concentrate well and it'll show on your face, with dark circles under your lower eyelids. Chamomile tea will be your greatest ally to achieve good quality sleep. Just drink it regularly before going to bed and you'll start to notice its sleep-inducing properties.

As an addition to his, you can grab any type of teabags to combat puffy eyes, an element commonly associated with tiredness and poor sleep. Get two cool teabags and lay them over your eyes. Elevate your feet and lie down. You'll look and feel refreshed afterward!

Placing cool teabags over your eyes will help you look refreshed.

Did you know that you can use tea for your hair care routine? For shiny hair free of tangles you can prepare a ginger and mint tea rinse at home. Simply prepare the tea with a small handful of finely chopped mint, 4cm of grated root ginger, and 100ml of boiling water. After leaving it to infuse until it's cool, strain it.

If you're trying to get rid of bloating, try some lemongrass tea. Its diuretic effects will help you in no time, and it'll also help your digestive process and improve your mood. To prepare it, cut 2 teaspoons worth of lemongrass stalks and pour over it some boiled water. Ten minutes later, strain the lemongrass pieces and drink the liquid.

Lemongrass tea will help your mind and body in many ways.

After a stressful day, your whole body will benefit from a cup of rooibos. This tea will help you reduce stress through its relaxing flavonoids, two very rare types. It's highly important to combat stress not only for your mental health, but also to protect your skin from acne breakouts, dermatitis, and premature aging, all possible consequences of a stressed lifestyle.

To be extra prepared for the summertime, you can start preparing some peppermint tea. When the weather's dry and hot, this tea can soothe your skin and relax it. In a boiled and slightly cooled cup of water, add some chopped peppermint leaves and enjoy its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties!

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