It’s mushroom season! Make the most of these delicious powerhouses (recipe included)

It’s mushroom season! Make the most of these delicious powerhouses (recipe included)

Mushrooms are the right ingredient to combine with any dish, they serve as accompaniments, as main dishes, as entrees, and even as sandwiches, but nothing beats adding the flavor and aroma of coriander, that herb that should definitely not be missing in our kitchen.

What are their benefits?

All types of edible mushrooms contain protein, fibre, B vitamins as well as a powerful antioxidant called selenium, which helps to support the immune system and prevent damage to cells and tissues. White button mushrooms are one of the few vegan sources of vitamin D. Exposure to UV light increases their concentration of vitamin D.

How to store mushrooms?

Mushrooms should be stored in paper bags in the fridge. There is some evidence that storing mushrooms naturally, outside the fridge will boost their content of Vitamin D. Placing them on a windowsill for a couple of hours will help, especially if you position them boots up, with the underside of the cap exposed.

How to cook mushrooms?

Mushrooms can be eaten raw, but some cooking methods, such as grill or microwave have been proven to increase their nutrient status.

Microwaving or grilling mushrooms significantly increased their antioxidant activity when compared to boiling or frying.

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