Incredible ways to detox your body

Incredible ways to detox your body: learn about little-known detox tips

Our digestive system is responsible for a lot of things, so keeping it healthy and clean should be among our top priorities. Here's what you can do.

If your digestion is not running smoothly, it can contribute to toxic accumulation in your system. This can result in digestive problems or, what's worse, in other systemic problems. This is why having a healthy gastrointestinal tract (GIT) is highly recommended. The digestive process involves many enzymatic, chemical, and mechanically mediated steps before one ends up on the toilet. The functioning of the GIT is a wonderful choreography of interacting components that enable the digestion of materials to fuel, repair, rebuild, and even create new human life.

Keeping a healthy gut is key for a detoxified body.

There are common signs of poor digestion or unhealthy GIT, such as bloating, flatulence, indigestion, heartburn, or constipation. These signs also mean higher toxicity in the body, and that is something we all want to avoid. But less-than-optimal digestion can also have other consequences, such as foggy mind, slight tremors, skin pallor, or low energy. If you want to boost your digestive system and detoxify your body.

Mouth detox

The mouth is the first step in the digestive process, and it's usually the one no one pays attention to. Saliva is not something that just happens to be there. It is necessary for the chemical breakdown of nutrients, just as the acid secretion in your stomach is. Not having the right amount means starting off on the wrong foot. This is why mindful eating is important: your glands are activated, at this stage, by the smell of food and the sight of it. If you don't take the time, you will skip this step and your digestion will be poor.

Take the time to smell and enjoy your food!

The process of salivation is really important for digestion. Health experts such as Italian yoga master Vanda Scaravelli and Austrian detoxification expert Dr. Franz Xavier Mayr suggest it’s not so much what you eat but how well you eat it. Aim to chew a minimum of 20 times per mouthful. Anywhere between 25 and 50 times is ideal. Refined food requires little chewing and is often swallowed after three or four chews, but even whole food is all too often prematurely swallowed.

Dental detox

Your teeth also play an important role here. Dr. Robert Gammal’s website provides a comprehensive overview of modern dentistry, particularly of amalgam fillings. Mercury is a heavy metal toxin that wreaks havoc in the body; it blocks numerous nerve pathways and is stored predominantly in the nervous system. If there are high levels of amalgam fillings, then every hot drink or a hot meal, every bite down is potentially emitting small amounts of toxins that can be taken into the body. Ideally, gradual, well-managed removal of amalgams is a good detoxification step.

Stomach detox

If more than two fistfuls of food enter the stomach in any one sitting, the stomach is burdened. One old remedy to enhance digestive juices in the stomach is fermented apple cider vinegar. Mix 30ml of apple cider vinegar in some water 20 minutes before eating to increase digestive secretions. Another remedy is Swedish Bitters, a blend of digestive herbs that enhances the digestive function of the stomach and small intestine. Angostura bitters are made from the bitter herb, gentian. Mix with mineral water and a squeeze of fresh lemon it’s a delicious aperitif!

There are many steps for a healthy digestion

Small intestine detox

The main detoxification ally in the small intestine is bile, stored in the gallbladder. The primary job of bile is to emulsify fats so they can be absorbed into the body further along the small intestine. It is also a major elimination pathway for many waste products, particularly molecules that have both positive and negative charges, water-hating molecules, and xenobiotics with high molecular weight. Bile flow can be enhanced by certain amino acids, namely taurine, glycine, choline, and methionine, and also vitamins B6, B12 and folate, lecithin, and numerous cholagogue herbs, such as globe artichoke and dandelion root.

Large intestine detox

Feces remove dead cells, bacteria, bacterial products, and undigested food like fiber from the body. Psyllium husks can be eaten to gently scour the bowel, but ensure you drink plenty of extra water. Probiotics, like those in yogurt or sauerkraut, should be ingested to continually restore bacterial populations.

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