How to put together a Buddha bowl How to put together a Buddha bowl

How to put together a Buddha bowl

Buddha bowl is a great option to have lunch in a very healthy and nutritious way. Find out what things can not be missing in your bowl and why to opt for this super healthy option before eating some fries with soda! 

The Buddha bowl, as its name implies, is a complete meal in a bowl. It consists of a variety of healthy foods in the same container. Being such a healthy, tasty, and simple option, it has gained a lot of popularity in social media and blogs. You can make your bowl, adding the vegetables you have on hand. It is a simple, economical, and healthy option.

Buddha bowl gained popularity since 2017 / Photo by: socialcut

A Buddha bowl should contain these four food groups:

Budda bowl is rich in veggies and lean proteins / Photo by: Charlotte Karlsen

Rumor is that the Buddha bowl got its name because formerly the monks collected food for their meal on a single plate. Thus obtaining a balanced and healthy way of eating, avoiding excesses.

What are you waiting for to make your own Buddha bowl? Try it out!

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