3 Recipes to make your own herbal salt and reduce your sodium intake!

If you want to feel like the alchemist of your family and friends, here are two ways of infusing some flavor into your salt and reduce your sodium consumption.

How to make herbal salt?

Herbal salt is a healthy and easy to prepare alternative that can help us reduce and control our sodium intake.

General considerations

There are several benefits to preparing your own herbal salts


The procedure is very simple:

If you have a spice grinder, you can also mix the salt, herbs, and spices and grind them on the spot for a more intense aroma.

3 Recipes for herbal salt

There are many aromatic herbs and spices, so there are also multiple possible combinations to prepare your herbal salt. Here are three recipes for you to try.

1. Herbal salt for salads

How to make herbal salt for salads?

Mix the salt with pink pepper and basil. Remember to dehydrate the herbs before mixing them with the salt.

2. Flavored salt for roasts

How to make herbal salt for roasts?

Depending on the type of meat you are going to cook you can use a different type of aromatic herbs. In the mixture for white meat, for example, you can combine rosemary and sage. For red meat, oregano and thyme are very good.

3. Herbal salt for soups

Celery salt is ideal for flavoring soups. Also, you can add other herbs such as rosemary, if you like, dried garlic or onion and thyme.

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