Have a Sugar-Free holiday and don’t despair in the process.

How to have a Sugar-Free holiday and not despair in the process

Oh, the holiday season is here! How we all love to indulge in all kinds of dainties... But wait! Weren’t you trying to cut down on sugar? The holidays might be a rough time to reduce your sugar intake, but don’t fret! It is possible!

If you have a sweet tooth like me, it is fairly difficult to say no to all the world of possibilities Christmas and New Year’s eve have to offer. But after reading about all the downsides of consuming refined sugar, I think it is worth trying. It’s high time you started thinking of healthier alternatives to holiday dishes.

Here are some tips to cut down on sugar!

Try replacing sugar with honey or orange juice with other ingredients

Choose low sugar snacks

Try beating your sugar cravings

I know it is easier said than done, but it is by no means impossible. If you are dying for a piece of chocolate, have healthy snacks instead: fruits, nuts, or yogurt can help. Tip: I usually slice an apple and coat it with some peanut butter –it contains natural sugars and the fattiness of the peanut butter makes me feel fuller. Don’t forget to drink water and use distraction techniques such as keeping yourself busy with a hobby or a walk in the park.

Have healthy snacks instead.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

If you cannot completely achieve your goal of spending a sugar-free holiday, don’t punish yourself, even if you manage to cut down on some of the sugar you would have eaten anyway, that will do. It’s been a hard year so it’s OK to pamper yourself: take a relaxing bath, light all your favorite candles, listen to your favorite music and enjoy your holidays!

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