How many daily calories does your body need?

The secret to not gaining weight is to eat the same amount of calories as you expend per day. On average, a 35-year-old woman, who weighs 60 kg, who does not practice any type of physical activity, and who works seated needs around 2000 calories a day, and we call this total caloric expenditure.

This amount is what your body needs to ensure the functioning of all organs and systems. Whenever a woman ingests a greater amount of calories, the excess will be stored in the organs and tissues, increasing weight, and if she consumes a smaller amount, she will lose weight and lose weight, because weight variations are directly related to the number of calories ingested daily.

Light physical activity should be considered for people who do not practice any type of physical activity, who work in offices, and who sit for a long time. Moderate tasks are those that require greater physical effort such as dancers, painters, workers, and bricklayers, for example. 

Light physical activity should be considered for people who are not used to practicing any type of physical activity.

How many calories should be burned to lose weight

You can expend more calories by increasing your level of physical activity. Some activities burn more calories than others, but that also depends on how much effort the person makes to perform the activity perfectly.

For example, an aerobics class burns an average of 260 calories per hour, while 1 hour of Zumba burns about 800 calories. But there are little habits that you can change to make your body burn or consume more calories, such as: changing the TV channel without using the remote control, washing the car, and doing household activities like vacuuming a carpet. Although they seem to consume few calories, these activities will help the body burn more fat and therefore lose weight.

Although hard to believe vacuum cleaning can help you lose calories too!

But in addition to this, if you need to lose weight, you must also reduce the calories you eat through food, so it is recommended to avoid fried foods and foods rich in fat and sugar because these are the highest calorie foods.

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