How do I know if the Kefir is dead?

How do I know if the Kefir has gone bad? 4 tips to know if your probiotic is off.

Keeping kefir is not complicated. But you must keep in mind that it's literally a living being. You have to give it a few minutes a day to take care of it. Sometimes our beloved kefir can have some complications

There are signs that can make us realize that this community of living beings has broken down and you should not consume it.

Tips to know if the kefir is off:

1. First of all, you should know that in its normal appearance and consistency, the kefir nodules should be white and elastic in texture. Also, the fact that the nodules float should not make you think that they are in bad condition.

2. However, all those grains that take on a tone other than white: yellow, brown, pink, etc. along with those that are not elastic, should be removed from the rest of the nodules that make up your kefir. If all the nodules have changed colour, this is a sign that the kefir has gone bad and is not suitable for consumption.

How to know if your kefir has gone bad?

3. Likewise, another obvious symptom of bad kefir will be its smell; and that is that if it has been spoiled it will give off an unpleasant smell. In this way, it will be easier for you to notice that it is not in good condition.

4. If you have chosen to keep the nodules dry, the main symptom of deteriorated kefir will be that the nodules turn brown or that green traces appear.

You have to spend a few minutes each day taking care of kefir

4 reasons you kefir has gone bad:

  1. Using the wrong milk for milk kefir or chlorinated water for water kefir.
  2. Lack of food, lactose in the case of milk kefir or sugar in the case of water kefir.
  3. The fact that the sun has directly hit the kefir nodules. The direct sun usually kills them.
  4. Lack of care and cleaning of the kefir.

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