How can you strengthen and protect your immune system

You will read about boosting the immune system everywhere but is it even possible to build up your immune system so as not to be sick? Read on and find the answer

Nowadays, we all want to know how to protect our immune system to be prepared for a possible infection. However, many experts consider that before taking vitamins or supplements, it is important to understand how the immune system works. So, here we go.

How does your immune system work?

The immune system works to identify the foreign substances and eliminate them // Photo by Changeyourenergy

When the body senses foreign substances known as antigens, the immune system works to identify and eliminate them. So, when there is a possible infection, the body produces an immune response to restore normal function. Many people think that they are sick because there is a problem with their immune system and that their symptoms are a sign that they have a virus or an infection. But, actually, that is a sign that the body is fighting back against the infection or virus and the immune system is good because it is able to fight. 

Dr. Cassel says. "People think 'I'm so sick, this is terrible. Why doesn't my immune system work?' But with every one of these cold symptoms, that is your immune system at work." Dr. Cassel. 

Can you strengthen your immune system?

Protect the immune system by having a healthy diet and lifestyle.

"You actually don't want your immune system to be stronger, you want it to be balanced," Dr. Cassel says. "Too much of an immune response is just as bad as too little response." What we can do is protect the immune system by having a healthy diet and lifestyle. Moreover, the doctor says that some people take vitamins or supplements, but that does not have any effect on their immune response.

What can you do to protect your immune system?

A healthy living strategy to protect your immune system is washing your hands frequently

One study of immune response tested 210 healthy twins between the ages of 8–82 and determined that while genetics plays a role, individual lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep, diet, and exercise, also play an important role in the strength of our body’s defense system. So, healthy living strategies are essential to protect your immune system. These are some healthy habits to consider:

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